take me, drink my soul
show me all the things that i shouldn't know
Marie & Adrienne.


Marie had to bite back at a smile at the frantic girl in front of him. It was amusing to see the usually cool and collected girl so unraveled. And also really sad how much the party lifestyle had taken it’s toll of her. As she took out the cigarette though, she opened her mouth to protest but Adrienne was already halfway down the stairs. “No smoking in the house,” she said to empty air.

As she went downstairs and found Adrienne with a lit cigarette dangling on her lips, pushing scrambled eggs around in a pan, she kept as far distance as possible. “He’s gone. Left early this morning and hasn’t come home since. I think he’s trying to delay this as long as possible.” She knew sparks were going to fly between the volatile siblings and she wanted to be as far away as possible. The Michaels’s tempers were not pretty.

She sat down in a chair, grabbing the newspaper and flipping through it. “And I am hardly your keeper. You’re a grown girl. I’m just supporting my family.” She shot Adrienne a small smile before directing her eyes back towards the front page.

Adrienne rose an eyebrow at the word ‘family’ and started to say something, but decided against it and went back to get eggs before turning off the stove and searching for places and silverware. She put the cigarette in the sink and turned on the water, putting it out. Letting the smoke out of her mouth and out of the open window and finally was able to plate her breakfast. 

"Here."She said, hanging Marie a large plate of eggs with a fork shoved in the side. Adrienne dug in almost immediately. She hadn’t eaten in almost three days but no one needed to know that. It would be her own little secret. Another secret she couldn’t trust with her no good, dirty, rotten older brother. The thought of him made her blood boil and she wanted to punch him right in the nose and watch him bleed on all of his pretty furniture.. but she wouldn’t want to ruin the living room set. It was gorg.

"Yeah.. He’s definitely delaying this. He’s probably also getting me flowers, making some sort of attempt at buying me clothes and taking all the money from my bank account. He’s going to call it compromise and I’m going to hit him over the head with this plate."She shrugged and down the glace of orange juice next to her in almost three gulps.

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